DFW South Asian Film Festival

DFW South Asian Film Festival

Our Mission:

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is now home to its very own South Asian film festival. DFW SAFF is a four day festival taking place from February 8 to 11, 2018. We will showcase World, U.S. and Texas premieres of features, shorts and documentaries, all chosen to engage, educate and inspire audiences. We have chosen a wide range of films exploring issues that affect South Asians living and working in America, as well as our brothers and sisters back home.

Our Vision:

DFW SAFF exists to promote the perspectives and voices of the South Asian community by serving, organizing and advocating South Asian culture in the Greater Dallas Metroplex area through cinema.


The fourth annual DFW South Asian Film Festival will take place from February 8 to 11, 2018.

Opening night film & after party (February 8): 
Film Screening: Highland Park Village Theatre
Afterparty: Bistro 31
February 9, 10, 11: AMC Village on the Parkway 9

khejdi original poster 1.jpg

In a remote distant village of Rajasthan, a child is born to the only Ayurvedic Doctor [Baidji] of the Village. The child is born as a transgender. Baidji realises that if the reality of child comes out she'll be snatched away by 'Kinnar Samaj' a society of transgender where she will be forced to sing and dance and beg for a living. He scares the villagers by telling them that the girl is unlucky and if anyone see’s her face, his or her family will be completely destroyed. Baidji gives Khejdi a life within the mud walls of his house. Fearing the fate of his child, Baidji tells Khejdi that a deadly ‘VIRUS’ awaits outside for her, she will contract this deadly virus if she steps outside. 18 years pass by and Khejdi grows up within those walls surrounded by the Ayurvedic knowledge. Khejdi’s connect to the outside sounds is impeccable as that's what she grows up listening to, a world that exists beyond these walls which exists only in her imagination which always attracts her. One day while putting a nail on the wall a small chunk of the wall breaks away and through the peep hole, Khejdi starts exploring the outside world. In this process she does even explore the two distinctive human bodies. Seeing naked human bodies, different questions start running in her head. Confusing her, making her question her own identity, who is she?? boy or girl? Khejdi questions her father why can't she live like everybody else what is so wrong with her? Baidji looking at her baby's condition gives in and tells the truth that she is a transgender and a world of horror awaits her outside. Feeling the pain of her child he goes and fixes marriage of Khejdi with Mangal who is an impotent. First night itself both Mangal and Khejdi honestly tells truth to each other hence a relationship begins of two incomplete people. Slowly Khejdi syncs into the world and she becomes the biggest Ayurvedic doctor of the village. Society makes her a goddess. When everything seems to fine when accidentally the truth of Khejdi comes out in open that she is a transgender, the virus has finally struck her. A roar of triumphant people burning Khejdi tree and in flames goes the burning desire of poor Khejdi to be a part of this 'normal' world.

Directed by Rohit Dwivedi
Hindi, 92 minutes, 2018, India